Welcome on my page

My name is Marek,

Welcome to my hobby page, devoted to amateur radio, and in particular, to my favourite 6m DX'ing. Enjoy the time spend here, and perhaps one day we will meet on the bands.

Good DX, 73 de Marek


50MHz and up NEWs

on .

25th November 2019

wkd 5H3EME 6m EME

 Screen Shot 11-26-19 at 06.51 PM


Screen Shot 11-24-19 at 07.52 PM


31st October 2019

got S79GJ qsl card, thx Lance




Great movie from the A35JT DXpedition


25th October 2019

I DO IT in last day, 236 DXCC on 6m

Screen Shot 10-25-19 at 05.49 PM

21st October 2019

wkd 235th DXCC - A21EME

Screen Shot 10-21-19 at 02.42 AM

20th October 2019

VP6R start 6m EME today

waiting for better days

Screen Shot 10-20-19 at 01.38 PM


Screen Shot 10-20-19 at 01.38 PM 001


New toy

Harris SPPA


2nd October 2019

Got today :-)


26th September 2019

6m - worked 234 DXCC and new ODX 16126km

Screen Shot 09-26-19 at 08.27 AM 001


Screen Shot 09-26-19 at 04.23 AM

22nd September 2019

6m - 233 DXCC

Screen Shot 09-26-19 at 08.27 AM

13 July 2019

got 6/2 m FK8CP QSL card, thx Remi


6th June 2019


massive Japanese attack on Europe :-)


and my QSO,s



24th June 2019

i got CP1GJ QSL, thx Lance


16th June 2019

the biggest thunderstorm in my life. Tropical rain and wind over 100 km/h. All my antennas survived

Screen Shot 06-16-19 at 08.29 AM


15th June 2019

next day with lots of JA stations

13  June 2019

second day with strong oponing to JA, HL (more than 40 QSOs )

Screen Shot 06-13-19 at 02.30 PM


29th May 2019

new toy in schack

20190529 194652

21st may 2019

after 10 year break, i,m working on 3cm again

20190522 161228

10th May 2019

next good day

FK8CP - 231 DXCC

thx Remi

9th May 2019

worked my new 230 DXCC on 6m - CP1GJ

thx Lance


26th April 2019


beautiful spring

the first ES openings in the 6m band are behind us

20190430 172333



13th April 2019

SP UKF Club meeting



9th April 2019

4 x 6el after reconstruction

4 x 6el 50MHz

1st April 2019

one more day and it will be ready


20190401 181741

 27th March 2019

short break in antenna works



26th March 2019

small revolution before the dx season

20190328 094019


9th March 2019

DXCC WW  ranking 6m

Screen Shot 03-10-19 at 01.37 PM


7th February 2019

CFM 6m QSO, now 229/229




Time to relax


20190124 145040

16 January 2019


1st December 2018

I got a record file from our 23cm (1769km) QSO  from RZ6DD



22nd October 2018

Hepburn showed nothing special but was  super tropo on 23/13cm

Screen Shot 11-22-18 at 10.12 PM

worked my new ODX 23cm - 1769km with RZ6DD from LN04 it,s new SP ODX tropo 23cm

links to Youtube               SK3UHF bicon 23cm 

                                      CQing UA6AQN 1769km


14 - 16 October 2018

nice tropo condytions on 23/13cm


13 October 2018

got my 228 DXCC on 6m



6th November 2018

good tropo to south OH, ES and YL

worked several stations on 23 and 13cm

29 October 2019

worked VP6D 6m EME - new 229 DXCC

Screen Shot 10-29-18 at 08.23 AM


9 - 12 October 2018

23/13cm good tropo to weast and north but low activity,

worked PA,s DL, OZ, LA (new DXCC on 23cm ) and OH3LWP ( 1st OH - SP on 13cm )

heard strong lots of bicon from G ( GB3MHZ 23/13cm up to 579 !! ), OZ, SM, OH, ES and SP




6/7 October 2018

IARU UHF Contest, 1296 MHz QSO,s



5th October 2018

After three sleepless nights worked   C21GJ  50MHz EME :-)

new 228 DXCC


50 MHz 227/227  DXCC





21st August 2018

got today, thanks Mahmood



04 August 2018

lots of JA, W, VE and new DXCC # 227 HH2MK :-)

new equipment for 6m EME - BPF + LNA

20180726 143837

very hot day, term. in the car shows 34C / 94F

20180801 163432


03 August 2018

morning open to JA ( 12 qso ) and BY

afternoon to Central and North America

August 2018 on DX,s 50 MHz

KP4, W, JA, BY, KP2, FG, VE, HI, HH,......

27th July 2018

JA,s, VU, BY and AP2AM (new DXCC 226 )

23th July 2018

next day open North and Central America

KP4, ZF, HI, CO, FG, FM and lots of W

21st July 2018

fantastic conditions throughout the day

morning to east, VR, BY, JA, HS ( new DXCC - 225 )

afternoon to NA ( wkd 47 x W and VE )


15th July 2018

worked VK8AW ( 12439km, got +12 report ) and VK8MS ( 12.435km )

JA,s, VR, BV, BY also


7th July 2018

another day to JA

6th July 2018

nice day, 32 x JA and new DXCC Z6 ( 224 )

July 2018

DU, BY, JA, BY, W, VE, FP, EK, EX, UN, BY, BV, UK, VR, A9, VK, D4, 9M, VR, HS, ZF, HI, CO, FG, FM, VU, AP

I worked with stations in june 2018 (outside Europe)

VE, W, XE, 9Y, HI, PZ, KP4, YV, TZ, TY, S0, D4, 5T, JA, HL, BY, BV, VU, 4S, DU, EX, EK, 9K, A4, A7, A9

but nothing new DXCC for me :-(


new toy in shack


20180630 065512


 2018.06.02 - 03

uWave Contest -  1296MHz



May 2018

there is no dx, time to relax

20180507 14503220180510 11300710th March 2018

got new ARRL stamp for 223 DXCC 50 MHz


29 december 2017

nice end of the year,   223/223 6m DXCC




17 November 2017

CFM 2 new DXCC 6m (221, 222)     WW TOP 6m  



7/8 October 2017  IARU Contest  1296 MHz

IARU 23cm

03 October 2017

next new DXCC - worked Lance VK9XGJ


02 October 2017

19.09 UTC worked VP8EME 6m, new DXCC #222

thx Mario


16 sept. 2017

worked VK9CGJ 6m, new dxcc # 221

waiting for VK9X :-)



 50Mhz - CFM 220 DXCChl

 30 July - 5 August 2017

with a visit to my  friend Jurek EA6UN

20170801 134605


4th July 2017  Meeting at the Palma de Mallorca  club





3th July 2017

another good day

open to HL, JA, BV and DU

1st - 2nd July 2017

nice weekend on 6m

over 40 QSO with JA, BV,HL and  BY

16th June 2017

Big and long ES on 2m



14th June 2017

6m  wkd JT5DX, long and strong open

7th June 2017

Big Day :-)

6m worked DS4EOI - new DXCC # 220  

20 x JA

PY, FG, PJ4, KP2, KP2, VP2E, W, FM, BY

9th Dec. 2016



2016 October 22nd


2016 October 7th


2016 August 31st

50MHz EME worked my new 219 DXCC   E51WL :-)


2016 August 29th

worked new DXCC 2m EME  9K2YM

2016 August 22nd

Got 6Y5AZ QSL -  2m EME qso


2016 August 21st

50 MHz EME  worked T8GJ  - 218 DXCC


2016 July 01  144 MHz EME wkd new DXCC 6Y5AZ

2016 June 19  50 MHz open to NA, wkd 20 stations

2016 JUNE 18TH  Nice  ES  144 MHz, WKD   TA, LZ, SV, SV9


2016 June 02  get QSL


2016 June 02  50MHz open to BY, BV and JT

2016 May 30   CFM 144MHz QSO


 50MHz 217/217  cfm TY2AC


2nd May 2016

P40MB worked 144MHz EME - new DXCC


24 April 2016

worked TY2AC, new # 217 DXCC on 6m


8th April 2016

144MHz EME wkd FK8CP


26 March 2016

worked new dxcc 2m eme  J8/WW2DX

24 March 2016

CFM 2m eme qso


Jan. 2016



23 Nov. 2015

worked new dxcc 2m eme FH/DL1RPL

16 Nov 2015

I got  Marshall Isl. QSL - 2m EME



26th Oct. 2015

Worked TO2EME on 2m - new dxcc (123)

5th  Oct. 2015

CFM Ferench Polynesia 2m EME


25th Sept. 2015

CFM Micronesia 6m  QSO




21st Sept. 2015

my new QSL



5th Sept. 2015

Worked TX7EME 2m EME, new DXCC (122)

29th August 2015

 On August 29th 2015 the work invested into the antennas paid back and i have worked V6M ( 216 DXCC )

 on 50MHz.

 Congratulations to Greg SP3RNZ, who managed to work Micronesia 10 minutes ahead of  me. 

22nd August 2015

ready for 1st qso :-)

zdjęcie 2

21st August 2015

going to the finish new 4 x 6el YU7EF for 50MHz

20150821 175237

18th August 2015

cfm 144MHz EME QSO with OJ0


8/9 August 2015

Dubus digi EME 144MHz contest wkd 102 qso, 88 multiplies, total 8.976

21st July 2015  cfm 5V, my 215 DXCC on 6m


21st June 2015

great surprise, wkd 5V7MI with gut level on 6m, DXCC 215 :-)

9Y, 8P,PY and YV too

18th June 2015

The first of the four ( 4 x 6el ) for 50MHz

IMG 0222

I got QSL ZF2EM - 2m EME QSO


17th June 2015

144MHz short ES to RA6, wkd 6 qso but all fm LN04 :-)

11th June 2015

I got QSL for 2m EME QSO


10th June 2015

Worked new DXCC 2m EME OJ0B

9th June 2015

Worked new DXCC 2m EME  C6ANS

6th June 2015

QSL 2m EME qso



2nd June 2015

First opening to east, wkd 3 x JA, UN,UK. Hrd 9M2

I got QSL 3B9FR 6m QSO 3b9fr

21st May 2015

Worked ZF2EM  new dxcc 2m EME

Got 1A0C 2m EME QSL


14th May 2015

Worked FW5JJ 2m EME, thx JJ

Nowy Obraz - mapa bitowa

10 May 2015

3B9FR wkd 6m, new 214 DXCC  :-)

9th May 2015

 New DXCC EME, wkd 7Q7EME

New  stamp 210 :-)



28th April 2015

I got S79EME qsl


25th May 2015

1st EME QSO on my new home made antena system


zdjęcie 2a

25th March 2015

wkd new DXCC 2m EME  S79EME

18th March 2015     

wkd 2 new DXCC  HS0ZIL and VP8DQE  2m EME


noaa kp 3d


 17th March 2015

Big aurora, on 2m worked 82 QSO with RA3, RA4, EW, OK, HA, UR, DL, EI, GW, G, ON, 9A,F, PA, GM, SM

ODX 1939km with EI3KD  fm IO51VW



 7-8th March 2015

VHF-UHF Contest

worked 1296 MHz  37 QSO - 19.930 score

first results   VHF Contestnet


11 feb. 2015

Tropo SP > UK

144 MHz  worked my personal ODX 1939km with EI3KD IO51VW and lots of G,s


1296 MHz 2 x G only


4th feb. 2015

I got QSL 2m EME QSO with Z21EME



29 dec. 2014

1A0C wkd 2m EME

20 Oct. 2014

5B/PE1L, 6W/PE1L and TA3/PE1L - 2m EME QSLs get today

11 Oct. 2014

V60EME wkd EME on 2m, thx new dxcc  Kay


4-5 Oct. 2014 UHF IARU Contest

1296 MHz 61 QSO / 29.433pkt  ODX 779km LOGS



10 sept. 2014

5B/PE1L worked 2m EME - new DXCC

18th July worked KH8/ZL1RS 2m EME

last week on 2m MS

worked new #  IP90, JP76, JP99

2nd July 2014


wkd KL7 on 6m today :-)

17th 2014

4K4K  - 2m EME, new (114 ) DXCC on 2m

6m ES  wkd  FG8OJ and KP2/K3TEJ

9th June 2014

Long openning to the far east 

EX, UK, UN, BY and lots of JA ( 25 qso )

short heard VK8MS

3th June 2014

6m open to JA - 6 qso

19th may 2014

6m ZD7 and Z2 strong in SP, still waiting for CE and ZP :-)

10th may 2014

6m open to ZD7, C5 and PY

8th may 2014

6W/PE1L - EME worked, 111 DXCC on 2m


7th may 2014

6m open, ES > Europe

hrd ZD7VC/B up to 579 !

hrd ZP5SNA very weak and too short for QSO 


5th April 2014

1st dx opening on 6m

wkd ZS6AYE and ZS6NK 




Result IARU-Region-1 UHF/Microwaves  Contest 05-06.10.2013 link

SP4MPB   23cm   5th place in Europe

              13cm   5th place in Europe :-)


11th  Dec. 2013

super tropo to G

23cm 10 x G

13cm 3 xG ( all to be put on I Region IARU records list ) IARU record list



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